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Customer Testimonials

"Walls Republic...have a great selection of high quality wall coverings and I have used them for several projects before."

Kristin, Illinois
June 2016

"The wallpaper came in a timely fashion. It was well packaged and arrived in good condition. I had obtained a sample before hand and the wallpaper was true to the sample. I love the pattern and the colors. The quality of the paper is good. I would recommend this product."

Kristen, Dalton, Massachusetts
Nov 2015

"This...wallpaper has been completely transformative...The paper went up so quickly, and thanks to its exceptional quality, it didn't tear, bubble or crease as I easily maneuvered each sheet into place."

Megan, Leavenworth, Kansas
Aug 2015

"Black and white lattice wall paper from Walls Republic did the trick! The process was seamless from sampling to delivery. I highly recommend Walls Republic to anyone looking to 'pretty up' their space."

Rene, Greensboro, North Carolina
Jul 2015

"The paper was thick enough that even with all of my tugging to get the positioning correct, there was no tearing or stretching. It also went on beautifully over my lightly textured walls. I couldn't be any more pleased with how it turned out."

Shelley, Cypress, Texas
Jun 2015

"I ordered wallpaper (Tia in Dove) from Walls Republic to do a feature wall in my master bedroom. We simply love it! .. You provided excellent customer service and ordering was very easy using the online calculator. There is even enough left over to do a feature wall in our ensuite water closet."

K. Spence, Alberta
Mar 2015

"When we first bought our new home, my husband and I wanted to do something modern, bold and unique. We were delighted to work with Walls Republic on our dining room makeover, their wallpaper was exactly what we were looking for! The quality, selection and service is truly one-of-a-kind, we couldn't be happier with the end result!"

Lidy Dipert, Airdrie, Alberta
Feb 2015

"It was a pleasure dealing with Walls Republic. I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in beautiful wallpaper and great customer service."

Annette McDonald, Long Island, New York
Oct 2014

"I wanted to thank you and your company so much for helping us pick the most perfect wallpaper for our new homes powder room."

Ronit and Family, Toronto, Ontario
Nov 2013

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M8150-PARENT   "V" M8150
M8463-PARENT   3D Music M8463
M8354-PARENT   3D Projection M8354
M9051-PARENT   3rd Dimension M9051
M8380-PARENT   9 Abbro M8380
M9231-PARENT   A Day at Sea M9231
M9208-PARENT   A Day In The Garden M9208
M8377-PARENT   A Star M8377
M8958-PARENT   Absorb M8958
M8381-PARENT   Abstract Background M8381
M8464-PARENT   Abstract Background M8464
M8339-PARENT   Abstract Blue M8339
M8353-PARENT   Abstract Earth M8353
M8338-PARENT   Abstract Green M8338
M8337-PARENT   Abstract Jazz M8337
R4726-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Beige & Brown R4726
R4727-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Blue & Silver R4727
R4723-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Grey & Silver R4723
R4724-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Magenta & Pink R4724
R4722-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Navy Blue R4722
R4725-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Taupe & Beige R4725
R4729-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Taupe & Beige R4729
R4728-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper Taupe & Silver R4728
R4730-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Denim Wallpaper White R4730
R3970-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Looped Auburn Wallpaper R3970
R3971-PARENT   Abstract Metallic Looped White Wallpaper R3971
M8340-PARENT   Abstract Orange M8340
M8342-PARENT   Abstract Red M8342
R3985-PARENT   Abstract Striped Geometric Beige Wallpaper R3985
R3987-PARENT   Abstract Striped Geometric White Wallpaper R3987
R4626-PARENT   Abstract Swirling Papyrus Beige and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4626
R4643-PARENT   Abstract Swirling Papyrus Beige and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4643
R3976-PARENT   Abstract Texture Metallic Swirls Green Wallpaper R3976
R4496-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze Blue and Brown R4496
R4497-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze Green and Grey R4497
R4494-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze Grey and Brown R4494
R4495-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze Orange and Beige R4495
R4499-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze Orange and Yellow R4499
R4492-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze White And Brown R4492
R4500-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze White and Green R4500
R4493-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze White And Grey R4493
R4498-PARENT   Abstract Through The Haze White and Pink R4498
R4760-PARENT   Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Grey and White R4760
R4758-PARENT   Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Pink and Orange R4758
R4759-PARENT   Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Taupe and Orange R4759
R4757-PARENT   Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Teal and Black R4757
R4756-PARENT   Abstract Watercolor Splatters Wallpaper Teal and Grey R4756
M8462-PARENT   Abstract Wave M8462
M9053-PARENT   Abstracted M9053
SR1873-PARENT   Adeline Beige SR1873
SR1871-PARENT   Adeline Cream SR1871
SR1872-PARENT   Adeline Duck egg SR1872
SR1796-PARENT   Adore Beige SR1796
SR1799-PARENT   Adore Dim SR1799
C7130-PARENT   Adore Lima C7130
SR1795-PARENT   Adore Purple SR1795
SR1798-PARENT   Adore Red SR1798
SR1797-PARENT   Adore Silver SR1797
M8343-PARENT   After Dark M8343
M8997-PARENT   Aged Stone M8997
M8388-PARENT   Aircraft M8388
M9152-PARENT   Alexandria Castle M9152
SR1787-PARENT   Allure Black SR1787
SR1788-PARENT   Allure Red SR1788
SR1789-PARENT   Allure White SR1789
M8531-PARENT   Alpsee in Allgau M8531
M9063-PARENT   Amsterdam Apartments M9063
M9099-PARENT   Amsterdam Bridge M9099
M9073-PARENT   Amsterdam by Water M9073
M9091-PARENT   Amsterdam Cyclists M9091
M8684-PARENT   Amsterdam M8684
M8979-PARENT   Ancient Stone M8979
M9060-PARENT   Angular M9060
M8455-PARENT   Anne M8455
M9207-PARENT   Anthropology M9207
M9167-PARENT   Antique World Map M9167
M9102-PARENT   Antwerp Bus Station M9102
M8320-PARENT   Apollo M8320
R3086-PARENT   Aqua Atmosphere R3086
C7126-PARENT   Aqua Lima C7126
R2487-PARENT   Aqua Terrene R2487
SR1866-PARENT   Arabesque buff SR1866
SR1865-PARENT   Arabesque Gold SR1865
M8318-PARENT   Arch M8318
M9234-PARENT   Arched Concrete M9234
C7120-PARENT   Argent Lima C7120
R3297-PARENT   Army Green & Orange Fleet R3297
R3292-PARENT   Army Green Floral Silhouette R3292
SR1776-PARENT   Aroma Beige SR1776
SR1777-PARENT   Aroma Grey SR1777
SR1778-PARENT   Aroma Navy Blue SR1778
M8467-PARENT   Arrow M8467
R1983-PARENT   Arrowroot Cream Grasscloth R1983
R1969-PARENT   Arrowroot Ecru Grasscloth R1969
R1985-PARENT   Arrowroot Off-white Grasscloth R1985
M8468-PARENT   Arrows & Circles M8468
R3738-PARENT   Art Deco Geometric Striped Metallic Gold Strike Wallpaper R3738
R2268-PARENT   Ash Tiled R2268
M8965-PARENT   Ashen M8965
M9165-PARENT   Asian World Map M9165
M8392-PARENT   At The Races M8392
M9161-PARENT   Atlas M9161
SR1562-PARENT   Attractive Byzantium SR1562
SR1563-PARENT   Attractive Egg shell SR1563
SR1566-PARENT   Attractive Pink SR1566
SR1564-PARENT   Attractive Taupe SR1564
SR1565-PARENT   Attractive vanilla SR1565
M9139-PARENT   Auckland at Night M9139
M8502-PARENT   Autumn M8502
R2388-PARENT   Azure Bounded R2388
M8989-PARENT   Azure Joists M8989
R2364-PARENT   Azure Nested Squares R2364
R2368-PARENT   Azure Strait R2368
R2398-PARENT   Azure Tie Dye R2398
R2422-PARENT   Azure Winding R2422
M8562-PARENT   Baby Boy M8562
M8560-PARENT   Baby Boy, Left Panel M8560
M8561-PARENT   Baby Boy, Right Panel M8561
M8565-PARENT   Baby Girl M8565
M8563-PARENT   Baby Girl, Left Panel M8563
M8564-PARENT   Baby Girl, Right Panel M8564
SR1812-PARENT   Balance Beige SR1812
M8603-PARENT   Balance M8603
SR1811-PARENT   Balance Off-white SR1811
M8870-PARENT   Ballerina Glitter M8870
M8382-PARENT   Ballroom M8382
M8024-PARENT   Balls M8024
SR1397-PARENT   Balsam Beige SR1397
SR1399-PARENT   Balsam Cream SR1399
SR1396-PARENT   Balsam Denim SR1396
SR1395-PARENT   Balsam Ecru SR1395
SR1400-PARENT   Balsam Powder blue SR1400
SR1398-PARENT   Balsam Saffron SR1398
R2008-PARENT   Bamboo Army Green Grasscloth R2008
R4641-PARENT   Bamboo Brown and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4641
R2847-PARENT   Bamboo Gradient Green and Grey Grasscloth Wallpaper R2847
R2846-PARENT   Bamboo Gradient Orange and Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper R2846
R2848-PARENT   Bamboo Gradient Yellow and Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper R2848
R1996-PARENT   Bamboo Ochre Grasscloth R1996
R4629-PARENT   Bamboo Stack Beige and Yellow Grasscloth Wallpaper R4629
R4642-PARENT   Bamboo Stack Brown Grasscloth Wallpaper R4642
R4653-PARENT   Bamboo Stack Orange and Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper R4653
R1990-PARENT   Bamboo Wood Brown Grasscloth R1990
R4627-PARENT   Bamboo Yellow and Beige Grasscloth Wallpaper R4627
M9147-PARENT   Bangkok at Night M9147
M9117-PARENT   Bangkok Buddha M9117
M9067-PARENT   Barcelona M9067
R1380-PARENT   Barrier Blue grey R1380
R1381-PARENT   Barrier Cool Grey R1381
R1379-PARENT   Barrier Dark brown R1379
R1382-PARENT   Barrier Tan R1382
M8428-PARENT   Beach M8428
C7127-PARENT   Bead Lima C7127
M9056-PARENT   Beats M9056
SR1326-PARENT   Beauty Black SR1326
SR1327-PARENT   Beauty Byzantium SR1327
SR1324-PARENT   Beauty Gainesboro SR1324
SR1325-PARENT   Beauty Off-white SR1325
S43670-PARENT   Beehive Ash S43670
S43671-PARENT   Beehive Beige S43671
S43661-PARENT   Beehive Black S43661
S43661-PARENT-0002   Beehive Black S43661 - Sample Size Free
S43674-PARENT-0002   Beehive Dim S43674 - Sample Size Free
S43674-PARENT   Beehive Dim S43674
S43674-PARENT-0001   Beehive Dim S43674 - Per Roll
S43660-PARENT   Beehive Off-White S43660
S43672-PARENT   Beehive White S43672
R2911-PARENT   Beige 3D Floral R2911
R2376-PARENT   Beige Amoeba R2376
R2643-PARENT   Beige Antiquated Stripe R2643
R3518-PARENT   Beige Arouse R3518
R2969-PARENT   Beige Assorted Stripe R2969
R3487-PARENT   Beige Asteroid R3487

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Unit of Measurement:

Height of walls:
Length of 1st wall:
Length of 2nd wall:
Length of 3rd wall:
Length of 4th wall:
Approx: # Of Rolls Needed.
Please Note: This is an approximation only. You should always consult your decorator before ordering wallpaper and as a result we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered wallpaper from using this calculator.