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Customer Testimonials

"Walls Republic...have a great selection of high quality wall coverings and I have used them for several projects before."

Kristin, Illinois
June 2016

"The wallpaper came in a timely fashion. It was well packaged and arrived in good condition. I had obtained a sample before hand and the wallpaper was true to the sample. I love the pattern and the colors. The quality of the paper is good. I would recommend this product."

Kristen, Dalton, Massachusetts
Nov 2015

"This...wallpaper has been completely transformative...The paper went up so quickly, and thanks to its exceptional quality, it didn't tear, bubble or crease as I easily maneuvered each sheet into place."

Megan, Leavenworth, Kansas
Aug 2015

"Black and white lattice wall paper from Walls Republic did the trick! The process was seamless from sampling to delivery. I highly recommend Walls Republic to anyone looking to 'pretty up' their space."

Rene, Greensboro, North Carolina
Jul 2015

"The paper was thick enough that even with all of my tugging to get the positioning correct, there was no tearing or stretching. It also went on beautifully over my lightly textured walls. I couldn't be any more pleased with how it turned out."

Shelley, Cypress, Texas
Jun 2015

"I ordered wallpaper (Tia in Dove) from Walls Republic to do a feature wall in my master bedroom. We simply love it! .. You provided excellent customer service and ordering was very easy using the online calculator. There is even enough left over to do a feature wall in our ensuite water closet."

K. Spence, Alberta
Mar 2015

"When we first bought our new home, my husband and I wanted to do something modern, bold and unique. We were delighted to work with Walls Republic on our dining room makeover, their wallpaper was exactly what we were looking for! The quality, selection and service is truly one-of-a-kind, we couldn't be happier with the end result!"

Lidy Dipert, Airdrie, Alberta
Feb 2015

"It was a pleasure dealing with Walls Republic. I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in beautiful wallpaper and great customer service."

Annette McDonald, Long Island, New York
Oct 2014

"I wanted to thank you and your company so much for helping us pick the most perfect wallpaper for our new homes powder room."

Ronit and Family, Toronto, Ontario
Nov 2013

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> bathroom


Bathrooms are a great place to experiment with one-of-a-kind wallpapers and design a space that introduces bolder and less conventional elements. Intriguing wallpaper for bathrooms can be a nice surprise and add a refreshing touch. Create a spa like atmosphere with solid vinyl wallcoverings that do not absorb water and perform well in humid situations. Anything will go in your bathroom while taking into consideration the overall scale of the space and style of your home. Dare to be different and create a rejuvenating atmosphere in your bathrooms with Walls Republic’s bathroom wallpaper.

Let your bathroom really take charge with durable bathroom wallpapers, they can transform your space with pattern, texture, and sheen taking your space above and beyond. Walls republic offers washable, scrubable, and water resistant wallpapers to bring a splash of depth and life to your bathroom. Look for the symbols and information on each wallcovering to find out how durable and washable they are. Mica wallcoverings are a popular bathroom wallpaper choice that adds rich texture and sheen for a refined elegance. When coated with latex they are highly water resistant for a jewel like look and the highest standards in quality and durability. Walls Republic has an abundance of bathroom wallpapers to offer in matchless patterns found nowhere else! Dive in, make a splash, and find your perfect bathroom wallpaper! Start Shopping Now!


Get answers to the questions you have always had about using wallpaper in the bathroom or powder room and begin designing your ideal space. Learn the difference between the bathroom and powder room, define your lifestyle, what type of wallpaper to use, what patterns and colours to use, and its cleaning capabilities to define what is suitable for your bathroom or powder room. Read on to learn the answer to the popular question “can you use wallpaper in a bathroom?”


A bathroom usually refers to a room containing a toilet and sink and a bathtub and/or shower whereas a powder room also sometimes called “1/2 bath” or “guest bath” usually refers to a room with just a toilet and a sink. This space is used often by guests and is located near the front of the home. When choosing wallpaper it is important to consider the difference between these two spaces as there are varied considerations and defining factors to take into account in both spaces when deciding if wallpaper is a suitable option for you.

While both spaces must take water spillage into account (location dependent) in the powder room you do not have to consider moisture and humidity as you do in a bathroom where people are constantly showering and creating steam. The amount of humidity and moisture produced in a bathroom will be dependent on many factors such as ventilation, size, user lifestyle, and usage of the space.


Defining whether or not wallpaper is suitable in your bathroom is largely dependent on your lifestyle and the way you use your space. Therefore, there is no simple yes or no answer and your decision will be reliant on a case to case basis. However, 95% of the time wallpaper will be an appropriate and engaging choice. One of the first elements to define is how often the space is used. You do not need to be concerned with wallpaper in an en-suite, guest bathroom, powder room, or in spaces that are properly ventilated. While wallpaper is almost always suitable in the bathroom more caution should be taken when utilized in a poorly ventilated space or in a bathroom for children where there is a greater chance for water spillage and splashing. In today’s homes many have larger bathrooms as well where wallpaper can be installed far from any water activity. In these cases wallpaper is definitely a perfect way to add visual interest and tactility to your bathroom. In a powder room ventilation is not a factor and therefore wallpaper is a great option to consider while being mindful of water spillage, the physical properties, and cleaning abilities of the wallpaper itself to make sure you have chosen the ideal type of wallpaper for your space that will last a lifetime.

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