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Customer Testimonials

"Walls Republic...have a great selection of high quality wall coverings and I have used them for several projects before."

Kristin, Illinois
June 2016

"The wallpaper came in a timely fashion. It was well packaged and arrived in good condition. I had obtained a sample before hand and the wallpaper was true to the sample. I love the pattern and the colors. The quality of the paper is good. I would recommend this product."

Kristen, Dalton, Massachusetts
Nov 2015

"This...wallpaper has been completely transformative...The paper went up so quickly, and thanks to its exceptional quality, it didn't tear, bubble or crease as I easily maneuvered each sheet into place."

Megan, Leavenworth, Kansas
Aug 2015

"Black and white lattice wall paper from Walls Republic did the trick! The process was seamless from sampling to delivery. I highly recommend Walls Republic to anyone looking to 'pretty up' their space."

Rene, Greensboro, North Carolina
Jul 2015

"The paper was thick enough that even with all of my tugging to get the positioning correct, there was no tearing or stretching. It also went on beautifully over my lightly textured walls. I couldn't be any more pleased with how it turned out."

Shelley, Cypress, Texas
Jun 2015

"I ordered wallpaper (Tia in Dove) from Walls Republic to do a feature wall in my master bedroom. We simply love it! .. You provided excellent customer service and ordering was very easy using the online calculator. There is even enough left over to do a feature wall in our ensuite water closet."

K. Spence, Alberta
Mar 2015

"When we first bought our new home, my husband and I wanted to do something modern, bold and unique. We were delighted to work with Walls Republic on our dining room makeover, their wallpaper was exactly what we were looking for! The quality, selection and service is truly one-of-a-kind, we couldn't be happier with the end result!"

Lidy Dipert, Airdrie, Alberta
Feb 2015

"It was a pleasure dealing with Walls Republic. I will certainly recommend you to anyone interested in beautiful wallpaper and great customer service."

Annette McDonald, Long Island, New York
Oct 2014

"I wanted to thank you and your company so much for helping us pick the most perfect wallpaper for our new homes powder room."

Ronit and Family, Toronto, Ontario
Nov 2013

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How to Calculate Wallpaper

Are you ready to Wallpaper?

Let’s determine how many standard rolls you require for your wallpapering project. We have developed a method to assist you in working out your requirements. When doing your calculation you can work in metric or imperial, just be consistent with the unit of measurement you choose

Though we have made every effort to provide you with an accurate calculation, there are several factors that make this calculation only an estimate.

  • Windows, doors and other spaces that will not be wallpapered must be taken into consideration; we have not included the subtraction of these to make sure you have enough to cover the wall space.
  • Everyone has their own ideas to making their space unique; if you want to center the pattern within the determined wall space or install it horizontally, we encourage the creativity, just be aware it will affect the overall amount of wallpaper needed. Please consult with your designer or installer before purchasing your wallpaper to ensure you have the perfect amount.

Time to Calculate!

Digital Method: Wallpaper Measurement Guide

How To Calculate The Amount of Rolls Required Using the Walls Republic Digital Calculator

Walls Republic has designed an easy to use wallpaper calculator just for you to help determine how many rolls of wallpaper your project requires. The wallpaper calculator can be found on each product page and is specific to each unique pattern taking into account the individualized pattern match. Be sure you are on the correct product before you begin your calculation in order to get accurate results.

1. Begin by measuring the length and height of each wall intended for wallpapering. 2. Then simply select your unit of measurement from the drop down menu and ensure you have been consistent with your unit of measurement throughout the measurements of your wall 3. Next input the height of the wall(s) 4. And next the length of each wall intended for wallpapering 5. Finally click ESTIMATE and you will be give an approximate number of double rolls required for your project.

*While the wallpaper calculator provides a fairly accurate calculation on how many rolls of wallpaper you need, please note that this is an approximation only. You should always consult your decorator before ordering wallpaper and as a result we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered wallpaper from using this calculator.*

Traditional Method: Step-by-Step Wallpaper Measurement Guide

Calculating the amount of rolls required by hand.

  • Start by measuring the length of each wall intended for wallpapering and add them together to determine TOTAL LENGTH
    Wall 1 Length: + Wall 2 Length: = TOTAL LENGTH
  • Now we need to determine how many “DROPS” or strips we need to cover the TOTAL LENGTH. Divide the TOTAL LENGTH by the width of the wallpaper roll ( e.g. 20.8”) to determine how many individual strips or “DROPS” will be required to cover the intended space.
    / Width of Wallpaper: 20.8” = Total number of DROPS
    ( Be sure to round this number UP to the nearest full DROP )
  • We must now determine the TOTAL HEIGHT of each DROP. To calculate Effective TOTAL HEIGHT you will need to measure the physical height of your wall, add 3” for cutting wastage, and you need to add the pattern repeat of your wallpaper pattern.(Each wallpaper pattern has its own repeat and will be listed under its specifications)
    Wall Height: + Cutting Wastage: 3” + Pattern Repeat: = TOTAL HEIGHT
  • At this stage, we know how many DROPS are needed for the wall space, and we know the TOTAL HEIGHT of each drop. Now we need to determine how many Linear Yards (or meters) of Wallpaper this translates into.
  • Multiply the TOTAL HEIGHT of the space by the number of DROPS required, this will determine the total LINEAR YARDS (or meters) of wallpaper needed
    : x number of DROPS: = Linear Yards (or meters)
  • The last step is to determine how many ROLLS are required, based on your Total Linear Yards (or meters). Divide the Total Linear Yards (or meters) by the length of the wallpaper roll ( e.g. 32.97”) and you have the total number of double rolls required for the intended space! Total Linear Yards (or meters) Length of Wallpaper Roll: 32.97’ = Number of ROLLS ( Remember to round UP to the nearest full roll, you can only purchase product by the full double roll. )

*Total wall length / width of roll (20.8”) = # of drops

# of drops x total height = linear yards of material required

Linear yard / length of roll (32.97’) = total number of rolls

Unit of Measurement:

Height of walls:
Length of 1st wall:
Length of 2nd wall:
Length of 3rd wall:
Length of 4th wall:
Approx: # Of Rolls Needed.
Please Note: This is an approximation only. You should always consult your decorator before ordering wallpaper and as a result we cannot be held responsible for any wrongly ordered wallpaper from using this calculator.